RJD2 New Album “Visions Out of Limelight” Releasing June 14th

Instrumental Hip Hop artist RJD2 will be releasing a new album in 2024. Titled Visions Out of Limelight, the album will release June 14th. Features on the album include Jamie Lidell & Jordan Brown. The single for the album, “Through It All (ft. Jamie Lidell),” is out now.

RJD2 – Through It All (featuring Jamie Lidell)

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Cold Eggs
  2. Catch the Exit Door
  3. Through It All (ft. Jamie Lidell)
  4. What I Do, Man
  5. Es El Nuevo Estilo
  6. Resting On the One
  7. Fools at the Haul (ft. Jordan Brown)
  8. Wild for the Night
  9. Another Dime from Messoud
  10. Apocalpyse March
  11. A Real Scammer
  12. Full Time Move, Jack
  13. Asphalt Lamentations

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