RJmrLA New Album “BIG LA” Releases July 12th

Los Angeles, California rapper RJmrLA will be releasing another new album in 2024. Titled BIG LA, the album will be releasing July 12th. Features on the album include O.T. Genasis, Big Eph, Lefty Gunplay and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Guns & Bags
  2. Still Ghetto
  3. Back (ft. Lil Vada)
  4. Faces & Names (ft. Joe Moses)
  5. Show Me What U Told Me (ft. O.T. Genasis)
  6. Whole Head (ft. Siete7x)
  7. Sweet Lover (ft. WHOISTEVENYOUNG & Big Eph)
  8. Don’t I (ft. Lefty Gunplay & Cypress Moreno)
  9. RJ Talk
  10. Just a N***a (ft. CS JONNY)
  11. Salty
  12. Scoreboard (ft. Wallie the Sensei)

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