Robb Bank$ is Creating Homages to Hip Hop for Its 50th Anniversary

Florida rapper Robb Bank$ consistently has some of the most layered bars of any rapper out right now, packed full of references to any and all media. With Hip Hop having turned 50 this year, he took it a step further by doing homages throughout his single & album arts as well. Here, we’ll take a look the ones he’s done so far before the year is up.

Robb Bank$ – “Enough”

Webbie – Savage Life

For the track “Enough,” Robb Bank$ sampled the Bun B-backed track “Give Me That.” Swapping Webbie for himself, Robb’s single art features all the recognizable features from the album art. Breathing new life into the instrumental, he makes it sound still so modern eight years later.

Tony Shhnow & Robb Bank$ – “Respect The Shooter”

Mobb Deep – The Infamous

Just as the legendary duo Mobb Deep dropped their classic The Infamous, the duo of Tony Shhnow & Robb Bank$ pay tribute to them through their single “Respect the Shooter.” While the track may not sample Mobb Deep, the sample comes from Ludacris’ “Act a Fool,” the art is their to put their stamp as another duo to watch out for.

Robb Bank$ – “Making Love to Fans”

Uncle Luke – I Got Shit on My Mind

Florida may have been overlooked during the Hip-Hop 50 performance this year, but Robb Bank$ made sure to pay his dues to his home state. Paying tribute to 2 Live Crew member Uncle Luke’s I Got Shit on My Mind, he swaps Luke for himself on the single art. On a beat produced by GeeohhS, Robb lets his lyrical prowess loose.

Robb Bank$ – “Broken Promethes”

3LW – 3LW

3LW’s “No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)” has an unforgettable lisp in the beginning of the track, and Robb Bank$ makes sure bring another reminder of it with his track “Broken Promethes.” The single art plays off of 3LW‘s album art, swapping the text for 2PS (2PhoneShawty) and all three members for himself. The song itself directly samples the original track, another beat done by GeeohhS, with a bouncy sample drill style instrumental.

Robb Bank$ – “You Kno It”

Sexyy Red – Hood Hottest Princess

Sexyy Red took over 2023, so its only right that she got a sample as well. Robb takes the cover of Hood Hottest Princess and inserts himself onto the cover, adding some more subtle changes to it but keeping the same energy. GeeohhS produced this one as well, sampling Sexyy Red’s voice on “Pound Town” for some segments of the beat.

Robb Bank$ – I Dnt txt back, I Dnt call

Sade – Diamond Life

This time bringing the art to an album, I Dnt txt back, I Dnt call brings a flip to Sade’s Diamond Life. The album itself has countless samples, but Sade for Robb is one of his biggest influences and one of his favorite artists. This projects further develops the lore he brought on his 2015 EP 2PhoneShawty, a project that also saw a rerelease this year.

Robb Bank$ & Tony Shhnow – I Can’t Feel My Face Too

This one doesn’t seem to flip a specific mixtape, but acts more as a tribute to all those arts you would see endlessly scrolling through Datpiff. The title of the tape is in tribute to the unfortunately unreleased collab between Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana, I Can’t Feel My Face. In proper mixtape fashion the tape is filled with samples and tags from Evil Empire, the same tags that could be heard throughout all those countless Lil Wayne Da Drought is Over tapes.


Lil Wayne – Dedication 2: Gangsta Grillz

Previously talked about on our article The Modern Take on Lil Wayne’s “Dedication” Series’ Art Style, Robb Bank$ does a tribute to the classic Wayne series Dedication. In particular he brings it to Dedication 2, which to many may be the best in the series. Just as Wayne was able to take those beats and make them fully his own, Robb is able to do the same. It may be November at the time of writing, but there’s sure to be more tributes brought by Robb Bank$ before the end of the year.

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