Robb Bank$ New Mixtape “I Think I Might Be Happy” Releasing March 1st

The tracklist is as follows:

Florida rapper Robb Bank$ will be releasing a new mixtape in 2024. Titled I Think I Might Be Happy, the mixtape will release March 1st. The mixtape will be hosted by Evil Empire.

  1. Hate Crime
  2. Dust Talk/iScream
  3. Baby Tunechi
  4. My Bleed
  5. Ghetto Princess (RIP GLO)
  6. Back on My Grizzy
  7. Koffing
  8. Back n Forth (Interlude)
  9. A Bitch Already Broke My Heart
  10. Kase
  11. Foxxy
  12. San Antonio Freestyle (Bonus)

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