Roc Marciano & The Alchemist’s Best Collaborations (Playlist)

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The Chemist and The Father; Two of New York hiphop’s best, most influential artists ever. Beyond simply being phenomenal at what they do, the two, alongside the late great Prodigy, are largely responsible for the underground’s gritty boombap renaissance. Roc is a great producer in his own right and does most of his own beats, but he always steps it up when he links with Uncle Al.

While Roc Marciano and The Alchemist have done many songs together, it’s only now that we finally have a full album coming from the duo. In preparation for The Elephant Man’s Bones dropping August 26th, we have prepared a playlist of some of their best collaborations.

The Tracklist is as follows:

  1. Flash Gordan
  2. Pistolier
  3. The Turning Point
  4. Paradise For Pimps
  5. Modern Day Revelations (feat. Action Bronson)
  6. Death Sentence (feat. Prodigy)
  7. Medusa (feat. Willie the Kid & Action Bronson)
  8. All For It
  9. Fabio
  10. Dean Martin Steaks
  11. Roman Candles (feat. Black Thought)
  12. Harry O
  13. $500 Ounces (feat. Westside Gunn & Freddie Gibbs)
  14. Photographic Memories (feat. Boldy James & Earl Sweatshirt)

Listen to the full playlist on YouTube:

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