Ron Suno New Album Titled “Its My Time” Releasing February 10th

NY Drill rapper Ron Suno returns for another album release, this time titled Its My Time. Releasing on the 10th of February, the tracklist spans fourteen tracks. Featuring many rappers in the NY Drill scene, including Sha Ek, Dougie B, Rah Swish, C Blu, Zay Munna and more, this album comes just six months after his previous release.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. On Court
  2. Hall of Fame (feat. Kyle Richh & Tata)
  3. Lackers (feat. Dougie B)
  4. Crunch Em (feat. Sha Ek)
  5. Door
  6. Drifting Away
  7. Andrew Wiggins (feat. Asian Doll)
  8. She Love Me (feat. Rah Swish)
  9. On Me
  10. Yess
  11. Medula (feat. C Blu)
  12. Tripping
  13. PSD
  14. What They Gon Say (feat. Zay Munna)

His previous solo album had released in August of 2022, titled Suno Mode. It had features that are similar to this tracklist, Zay Munna, Kyle Richh, Tata, Rah Swish, so it can expected to be of a similar quality. Also in 2022, he had released an EP with Dusty Locane, OnPointLikeOP & Rah Swish titled SAY DAT. He doesn’t have the deepest catalog of releases, but each one has been more promising than the last. We look forward to another one from him.

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