RXKNephew New Album “Til’ I’m Dead” Releasing March 9th

The forever enigmatic RXKNephew will be releasing another album titled Til’ I’m Dead. This release, dropping March 9th, will be another addition into his endlessly growing discography. Considering his broad range of sounds, who knows what sound he’ll settle on for this release. That being said, it features a spin on The Notorious B.I.G.’s classic album Ready to Die for the cover art.

While he strangely hasn’t had a project already within 2023, his Youtube page has been an endless stream of singles. Last year he released a total of twenty-two projects, along with enough singles to amount to even more projects. With a never-ending workflow, there’s sure to be plenty of albums in the pipeline for this year.

Across these many projects, he’s explored a multitude of sounds. There’s been rock cuts, Plugg beats on the 2:22 album, trap beats, whatever you can think of he’s most likely gone over. What he might do one this new one could be anything, but as usual we can expect his relentless rant-like flow on the tracks.

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