Sada Baby 2021 Recap Playlist

Sada Baby is another Detroit native that has been on an absolute tear throughout 2021.

Sada Baby’s 2021 may not look like much from the outside, but he has not let up. Having dropped only one tape, The Lost Tapes, he has had a much more interesting 2021 via loose tracks. He’s while he’s known to drop multiple albums and loose tracks in a year, this year is something of a lighter one. While that is the case, the tracks are as quality as ever.

Perk Franklin

Perk Franklin is a loose cut that absolutely deserves to be on an album. The song feels operatic on the production side. One of the best things about Sada is how he can change his energy on a track. The track steady rises from a cold flow smooth flow and slowly escalates into a style where he’s basically yelling. This paired with his wild bars are a perfect combo.

Little While (ft. Big Sean & Hit-Boy)

Sada gets the cosign from proven duo Big Sean & Hit-Boy. The two had an unofficial collab with Detroit 2 and followed it up with another true collab tape later in the year. Hit-Boy’s production leans into the Detroit style and Big Sean’s style works, since he’s been leaning into the off-beat flow for years. Sada’s flow is a little more basic for Sada standards, but its an enjoyable listen nonetheless.

Buckhead Bounty (ft. Tokyo Jetz)

Sada seemingly invents a new flow with every track. With one of the most entertaining hooks, he links up with Tokyo Jetz for the track to deliver one the most flex heavy tracks. His ad-libs throughout her verse also add to her verse. The production starts with this slowed and chopped up feeling sample and then falls into this Detroit bounce.

Foe Minutes Of Hell

Another solo track from Sada, he flexes on all his exes. The choir vocals paired with the Detroit bounce let Sada flex his style. The song is a single verse, but he fits so much into it with plenty of quoteables. His flow is more relaxed on this compared to other tracks but just as hard hitting.

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