Sadistik New Album “Oblivion Theater” Releasing February 23rd

Seattle, Washington rapper Sadistik will be releasing a new album in 2024. Titled Oblivion Theater, the album will release February 23rd. The album will be fully produced by Maulskull, and will have features from Father, Krayzie Bone and Sugar Cult.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Hypodermic Forest
  2. A Jubilee of Rot
  3. All The Colors of the Dark (ft. Krayzie Bone)
  4. Shibari
  5. Bad Vibes
  6. Pig’s Blood (ft. Father)
  7. Magick!
  8. The End is Nigh
  9. Letter to a Neon Specter
  10. Alaskan Snow (ft. Sugar Cult)
  11. These Nights Are Littered With Ash
  12. With You
  13. In a Maze Made of Glass

Sadistik – All The Colors Of The Dark (ft. Krayzie Bone)

Sadistik – Shibari [Official Video]

From the Bandcamp description:

“Oblivion Theater,” the collaborative masterpiece of Sadistik and producer Maulskull, is a hauntingly captivating journey. This album is an artful fusion of introspective lyricism and innovative beats, defying conventional boundaries. The album conjures a dark, immersive realm where storytelling and soundscapes intertwine, creating a mesmerizing sonic experience.

Sadistik, a luminary in the underground rap scene hailing from the Pacific Northwest, captivates with razor-sharp lyricism. His verses cut through with precision, painting vivid, thought-provoking narratives. With a penchant for striking metaphors and poetic imagery, Sadistik’s rhymes resonate like haunting poetry set to a beat. His discography showcases an unflinching gaze into the human experience. In a genre often known for bravado, Sadistik stands as a beacon of authenticity, leaving an indelible mark on the world of alternative hip-hop.

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