Sainté – Vacation (Review)

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A new EP from UK rapper Sainté sees him on the most luxurious production you can find. Blending the hustle & smooth talk you can from American rappers like Larry June & Curren$y, but with his own cultural slang, he makes for an experience like none other. Trying to hook up with the finest women, while remaining as fresh as possible, the entire tape sounds like the most expensive vacation.

The sound here is incredibly layered & refreshing. “Organic Growth” hits with deep basslines but an underwater feeling piano, laced with percs that can be found in that smoother American West Coast sound. Occasional sounds of cars driving reinforce the ideas of the vacation, invoking the feeling of a close to sunset joyride.

This never is to mask his skills on the mic however. Sainté is constantly at the forefront, commanding with his unique skill of melodies. “Sade” is a short but immediate earworm, as he nonchalantly delivers a sing-song melody. Despite his calm & cool delivery, he can kick it up to shit talking when he needs to. “Compare” captures him calling out others for stealing his sound & trying to see how they can compare monetarily.

Sainté – Sade

Its an incredibly consistently sound that even with the lone feature of Joony, they never interrupt the overall vibe of the tape. While they never outdo what Sainté does on the track, their addition to the track does allow it to be more fully fleshed. With the lack of features its easy to assume that interest can be lost quick, but Sainté’s knack to either rap or sing & blend so many different sounds together make for a constantly entertaining listen.

While the runtime is short, seven tracks over eighteen minutes, the entire tape feels like its own world. He transports you to a completely different zone effortlessly. Its a tape that begs for authenticity, especially in a world of music that has so much fake posturing, and throughout it all he stays true to himself. In its simplicity, it succeeds with flying colors.

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