Sample Drill Playlist (March 2022)

Getting wilder & wilder every month, sample drill has been an undeniable force. Here we’ll recap some tracks to check out.

26AR – Gotta Be Quick

Sampling Charli XCX, 26AR gives the drill treatment to one of the biggest minds in hyperpop. Claiming his king status & stunting on previous women, he gives us a banger about his life of glamour. With EMRLD handling the production, he breathes completely new life into the already fantastic track. A big year seems to be ahead for 26AR.

Mula Gzz x Asian Doll – Dont Run

Mula Gzz takes a song from the legendary show Spongebob, and makes a song that is much more threatening than its source material. Aggressive bars about drilling fit over the completely blown out instrumental. Asian Doll also makes an appearance on the track, and while her wheelhouse may not be drill, she fits right in. Hopefully its a side of her we get to hear more of in the future.

Sha Ek – Beat The Odds

While this track’s lyrics might be identical to his previous track “Say My Name,” the instrumental is completely different. Being taken down previously due to copyright, it now exists in the form of “Beat The Odds.” It is a shame the original doesn’t get to be official, but the new track does just as well of a job.

Edot Baby – STAND OFF

Originally the track being titled “Beat It” and sampling the iconic Michael Jackson track, it now has been renamed to “Stand Off.” Jackson’s vocals feel completely new underneath the NY drill instrumental, especially with Edot’s bars about his beefs with his opps. His intimidating attitude on the track makes for another hit.


Doing a flip of the Chiddy Bang track, TTS Tana completely inverts the meaning of the original song. Swagger is on full blast on this one, with him proudly claiming “Everyone dead” on the very beginning of the song. Tana’s voice feels hostile, matching the now bass heavy track.

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