Sample Drill Playlist (December 2021)

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As the sample drill scene continues to grow, the constant question is where those songs can be found. Here we’ll round-up just some of the tracks in the ever-growing scene.

MDot x LA Staxks – Bunny Hop

Over a Nirvana sample, MDot & LA Staxks make an absurd banger. Looping the beginning of the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” sample, the booming NY drill drums are layered over it to create one insane track. MDot & LA Staxks are come through with the perfect energy for it.

Shawny Binladen – So Fresh So Clean

One of the most prominent figures in the sample drill scene is Shawny Binladen. He seems to sample any track under the sun and this one is no exception. As the title would imply, this track samples the group Outkast’s classic “So Fresh So Clean.” Shawny’s gritty voice glides over the energetic drums.

Bizzy Banks – GMTO DAY “Freestyle”

Ice Cube’s “Today Was a Good Day” remains a hip hop staple. Being sampled in the Bizzy Banks’ track “GMTO Day,” new life is breathed into the track. Bizzy enjoys his newfound lifestyle yet doesn’t play games on this track. After releasing a new album this year too, it is well deserved.

Ty Flex x Tazzo B – EOS

Kanye West & Jay-Z brought Otis Redding back into the public eye on their track “Otis.” About ten years later, the “Try a Little Tenderness” sample is being used once again. The NY drill flip is unlike any other way its been used before. Ty Flex hypes up the track in the middle of it to create an incredible drop.

Wowdy HBTL – Aaron Rodgers 

Originally done into a Jersey club track by BANDMANRILL, Wowdy HBTL takes the barebones song and fills it out into a full NY Drill song. The original track “Heartbroken” has been one of much discussion, and to see another rapper take up the track only enforcing its staying power. Wowdy HBTL’s energy is impeccable on the track.

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