Sample History: Trae Tha Truth’s Inkredible

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Some sample histories run so deep, its almost like you can get lost within the mix. Searching through Trae Tha Truth’s track “Inkredible” provides some interesting results. Here we’ll take a look at the winding road it’ll send you down.

Trae tha Truth – Inkredible (feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)

Legendary Texas rapper Trae Tha Truth brought forth the original sample flip, linking up with Wayne & Rick Ross to make for a southern banger. Trae’s iconic flow & voice is what sets the track off, but these prime Wayne cold bars are what make the track come together so nicely. Of course Ross comes through also consistent as ever, but he makes the song his own once he provides another remix of the song.

Robb Bank$ – HIM JONG UN

Directly flipping the Trae Tha Truth version of the sample, Robb Bank$ brings a much more modern feel the track. The sample is firey as ever, but its new school style of production & drum work give it a modern twist. Robb Bank$ wildly clever wordplay matched with his aggression make for such an explosive energy on the track.

Azul Violeta – Amar y El Querer

Here is where Trae got the sample originally from though. While the sounds that make the Trae track work are found in the beginning, the entire track has a very psychedelic rock feel to it. Surely there are other samples that could come out of this track, but the start the track brought many new songs to the table.

José José – Amar y Querer

While the Azul Violeta is what get sampled on the Trae track, Azul Violeta was actually doing a cover. The song dates back to 1972, where it was originally done by José José. There is a much more classical feel to the track, but still shares the many hallmarks of its cover.

Trae – Inkredible Remix (ft. Rick Ross & Jadakiss)

Providing a remix of his own track, the iconic intro now feels like its own beast. The track feels beyond recognition from the original, becoming a brand new approach to the track. While it may be a Trae track, the Maybach Music Group logo all over the video imply otherwise. Rick Ross is the one that gets the chance to really flex his chops on the track.

Lil Wayne – YM Inkredible (ft. Thugga, Raw Dizzy, Flow, T@)

Having left Wayne off the new version of the track, Wayne decides to do his own remix of the track. While he doesn’t have a lot of show time on the track, as the features take up the bulk of it, Wayne easily steals the show with the best verse. A product of the Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape, it had finally come to streaming for its ten year anniversary.

Honorable Mentions:

Lil B – Fuck My Bitch

While it feels like Lil B has gone over any & every beat by this point, finding which ones are which are half the fun. In the already fairly lengthy career by this point, his iconic Red Flame series had its own flip of the song. If you are familiar with Lil B, what he does here should be no surprise.

Soulja Boy – Incredible War

Soulja Boy hate feels usually undeserved, but here, its necessary. This is quite possibly his worst performance ever, as his mic echoes as if he recorded it in an Xbox Live lobby. He needlessly yells & sounds constantly out of breath. Why he thought this was a good idea, the world may never know.

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