Sauce Gohan 2022 Recap Playlist

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A member of Sauce Walka’s TSF label, Sauce Gohan has consistently been on an upward stride. Surviving a shooting in March of 2021, he had a fairly lowkey 2021. In 2022 however, he came back with a vengeance. Dropping a total of four separate projects, his year has been quite impressive.

Okay Drip (ft. Sauce Walka) [Last Laugh]

While the whole of Last Laugh is nothing short of impressive, tracks like “Okay Drip” are infinitely infectious. The range he provides on the album shows how versatile he can be. “Okay Drip” is a clear hit, but “Elves Onna Shelf” let him fully delve into his story telling abilities. Throughout the tape, we get Sauce Gohan embracing his love of life & his newly claimed status as a god.

Sauce Ties (ft. Peso Peso, Rizzoo Rizzoo & Sauce WoodWinnin) [Major Goat]

A sudden & short EP only spanning seven tracks, Sauce Gohan returns with another project of all killer no filler. The immediate highlight of the project truly falls on the intro, as we see Gohan on a whole posse cut of other TSF members. Production throughout is more skeletal than his other projects, usually opting for simple piano melodies to fully let himself shine through.

Stay Down (ft. Sauce Walka) [Mild Sauce]

Continuing the grind, Sauce Gohan also dropped another fifteen track project titled Mild Sauce. It doesn’t wind up being as notable as his other projects, fully embracing the mixtape spirit, but still has its highlights. Featuring majority of TSF members, we see Sauce Gohan comfortable in his zone on this one.

Slime (w/ Voochie P) [Who’s Who]

An unexpected collab album between any members of the TSF label, Voochie P & Sauce Gohan had dropped a whole project together. While Voochie is known for his absurdly high-pitched vocals, he completely tones it down here to match Gohan’s colder demeanor. Despite this, production does feel very much like a Voochie P project, seeing the duo going over a slew of plugg style beats. Its an interesting mix between the two, seeing both of them slightly move out their comfort zones to create something wholly different than their respective discographies.

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