Sauce Walka 2021 Recap Playlist

Ooh-Wee! One of the most important figures in Houston hiphop today, Sauce Walka is an extremely outspoken, unique, and prolific artist. Very much a product of the south, Sauce still manages to tackle a different style on nearly every project. Production ranges from boombap and soul to drill and plain trap. Most importantly, he is an important part of the community; Always putting on for his label through features (and famously turning down a deal from Jay-Z), Sauce’s street wisdom always bleeds into his lyrics. In the vein of the late great Nipsey Hussle, he tells cold street tales and brings the unique perspective of a businessman who made it out. 2021 has been a busy year for Sauce: He has dropped numerous projects in quick succession, a slew of quality loosies, hosted tapes, and placed on strong features.

God of Texas

Sauce Walka started the year with a bang, dropping 4 projects in the span of a week. Among them was God of Texas, some of his strongest work to date. Drawing influence from classic Houston party music with its repetitive chant-worthy hooks and bouncy beats, it was a sprawling, modern tribute to his hometown and a statement that continued his reign atop Texas hiphop. With features from Trippie Redd, A$AP Rocky, and plenty of labelmates, God of Texas is a must listen.

Birdz Hunt Snakes

Sauce’s next album was the massive Birdz Hunt Snakes. Continuing his pattern of beef with just about everyone in this game, this project is loaded with bangers. Production is aggressive, drawing influence from Michigan trap and even some NY drill sounds. Sauce continues to prove he can flow on anything alongside a slew of features.

Sauce send hits like a boxer arm

Fast on a bitch like Ramadan, Bitch gotta pray to me – Farrakhan

RIP Nip, this the marathon, I done made five million ‘fore 31

RIP Buddy

Amongst a series of other strong loosies is “RIP Buddy”, a remix of the Daringer/Alchemist produced “RIP Bobby” by Grieselda’s own Westside Gunn. Over a chilling soul sample, Sauce mourns the loss of friends, considers the state of the hood, and gives his unique brand of street wisdom. This is some of his most powerful work ever, alongside the “Ghetto Gospel” series. With teasers of a full collaboration with Daringer and New Sauce City 2, this could be a beautiful taste of things to come.

Fuck Netflix, I’m in the hood tryna reset bricks

Show these young n—-s how to get they necks fixed…

N—-, how much really is your set worth? If every n—- in your set broke or dead, n—- then your set hurt

Sauce Train (In collaboration with El Trainn)

Sauce Train is a brief and fun collab tape with TSF labelmate El Trainn. While Sauce is definitely the superior MC and personality, this is among El Trainn’s best work and has some really fun cuts.

Rhythm & Blood

Rhythm & Blood is one of Sauce’s most fun releases ever. Flexing his versatility, this tape is loaded with smooth soul samples and vocal loops. Sauce croons hooks over them and it’s all just so catchy. He might not be a traditionally talented singer, but the energy is infectious and fits his pimp persona so well.

Westside Gunn – Westheimer (feat. Stove God Cook$, Boldy James & Sauce Walka)

The latest collaboration with Buffalo’s Westside Gunn (following 2019’s “Lakers vs. Rockets”, Sauce Walka’s greatest verse to date), “Westheimer” is another standout placement for the god of Texas. Named after a famous Houston mile, Sauce steals the show on Gunn’s epic Hitler Wears Hermes 8 (although Rome Streetz shows out as well, tap in to our guide!). Flexing his business acumen and tough come up, he continues to show the ability to spit over all kinds of production – This time an old-timey piano loop and organs, sounding straight out of a saloon.

I could’ve signed to JAY-Z and been Roc-a-Fella,

But I had four bitches clocking millions from steady rockin fellas…

Shit I done had so much cheddar jack, boy I should’ve owned a deli

Drill Spill

Sauce’s latest release this year is Drill Spill. Hopping on the NY sample drill wave (check out our guide to the scene’s essential albums!), Sauce does his usual thing. Most of all, it is just impressive how much he has dropped this year with it all being so different and maintaining high quality.

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