Sauce Walka 2022 Recap Playlist

Sauce Walka’s 2021 was filled with albums, exploring different sub genres with each release. During his 2022 run he was much more lowkey, but still filled with just as much passion. As we still await his album with Daringer, we’ll took a look back at his year.

No Wrestler [Al Rage Walka]

Continuing the same theme from last year, he brought another album dedicated to a singular sub-genre. On Al Rage Walka he explored rage music, a genre that’s been pushed heavily by artists such as Yeat & Kankan. Bringing his unique brand of energy & lyricism, his personality shines through the typically one-dimensional subgenre.

Smile [Sauce Beach Florida]

While it would’ve been nice to see Sauce Walka’s fully delve into Miami’s bass scene, he instead opted for a bright & colorful album. He plays with the sound a little, but doesn’t dedicated fully to it like his other albums. Instead, he throws together an album full of iconic samples & as usual spits his heart out.

GG3 Intro [Sauce Ghetto Gospel 3]

Sauce’s previous entries into the Ghetto Gospel series have been amongst his best, and the third entry is no different. Filled with soul samples & immaculate story telling, Sauce continues to prove why he’s the best around. Minimal features, seeing collabs from Jackboy & Babyface Ray, this album is all Sauce Walka completely unhinged speaking his truth.

Throw Yo Set Up [Al Rage Walka (Dripped & Screwed)]

While Al Rage Walka might have been a departure for the typically Texas-sounding artist, DJ TuReel provided a Dripped & Screwed version to keep that feeling. Taking the erratic & electronic sounds and slowing them all the way down bring that classic slowed feeling that Houston is known for. DJ TuReel having hosted the Welcome to the SauceLife series for Sauce Walka was the perfect fit as well.

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