SaySoTheMac & K7TheFinesser – Finesse Her If I SaySo (Review)

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Teaming up with K7TheFinesser, SaySoTheMac quickly returns to deliver another short EP after his most recent album. A member of the Stinc Team, SaySo’s bars are abundant, yet his flow is usually extremely slurry. On this project, K7 helps balance that sound out so that they both can highlight their own sounds.

This is apparent all throughout the tape, but maybe more so on the track “Extra Mags.” The simple piano beat lets SaySo come through dropping plenty of pimping bars, while K7 proves he’s not here to play with his blunt delivery of bars. It becomes a centerpiece of the EP, as everything about it is what to expect from the rest of the project.

If you don’t got my money bitch you get drop-kicked

SaySoTheMac – Extra Mags (ft. K7TheFinesser)

Bass lines that scream California are all over this. Simple production with subtle drum work are staples of the scene, especially of the “Nervous Music” genre that was being laid by the rest of Stinc Team like Drakeo The Ruler. The bounce provided by the beats let the duo’s bars lay perfectly within their pockets.

The project is filled with macking & pimp talk, but “Spenna Night” shows a lighter side. A sexual anthem, they talk about intimate moments with a special woman in their life. Despite having all these women at their disposal, they can recognize when someone different than the rest comes along.

Perhaps no track has a darker feel than “Horror Story on Fig,” which features another Stinc Team member RalfyThePlug. This track takes a more aggressive look at the pimping lifestyle they endorse, fighting others that might get in their ways. Amongst it all is a linguistic lesson in California slang, filled with words about making money along the famed Figueroa Street in Los Angeles.

As SaySoTheMac’s slurry flow slowly clears with each release, his ability to string together bars of pimping get highlighted. Working alongside K7, the duo plays to their strengths as they provide perfect contrast to each other’s energies. With this massive growth seen with the Stinc Team releases, with all of the members improving a multiple new artists & collabs, they feel unstoppable.

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