Shawny Binladen 2023 Recap Playlist

One of the early innovators of the Sample Drill scene, Shawny Binladen has one of the strongest work ethics out there. While 2023 wasn’t his biggest output, it maintained to be another quality year for him.

WiCK JR [Wickman Stickman]

Wickman Stickman was released in April of 2023, and was able to showcase his intensity. “WiCK JR” feels like just one of many tracks that are able to do this, but paired with the urgency of the beat it all comes together perfectly. That album few features come from other Grinchset members, letting Shawny Binladen get all the highlights.

Who said you was gang (feat. Skooly & Yung Marley) [Kobe & Shaq]

Teaming up with another Grinchset member, Shawny Binladen played off the energy of Big GLTAOW for a full album in July of 2023. While Wickman Stickman played off his energy well, it didn’t have as much of the samples that made him an innovator. Their collab album Kobe & Shaq however fully embraces this aspect. Plenty of fun samples throughout, but none come close to “Who Said You Was Gang,” sampling the Gucci Mane classic “First Day Out.” Adding to the NY-meets-ATL feel of the song, the song is assisted by 2Chainz’s TRU artist Skooly.

YOVNGCHIMI – LDDLK w/ DJ Drama [Gangsta Grillz: Mvrda Gvng]

One of the most unexpected features of Shawny Binladen’s 2023 was him appearing on Puerto Rican artist YOVNGCHIMI Gangsta Grillz album. The track features a slow-paced drill beat, at least compared to the production Shawny usually goes over, forcing him into a different feeling flow. Shawny doesn’t try a new language like his collaborator, but it feels wholly unique amongst his vast discography nonetheless.

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