shemar & Child Actor New Album “sunscreen” Releasing February 2nd

Brooklyn, NY rapper shemar will be releasing a new album with indie pop group Child Actor in 2024. Titled sunscreen, the album will release February 2nd. Features on the album include burning macaw, baegull, Jay Cinema and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. skytrain! skytrain!
  2. ants under magnification (ft. burning macaw, baegull & gwenn)
  3. expensive piss
  4. sunscreen (ft. Jay Cinema)
  5. essex st. (footprints)
  6. rem sleep
  7. affirmation ii (ft. demare’a)

From the Bandcamp description:

protection from harsh realities as i travel.

peace to all those i called upon for strength, through reverence / reference. peace to all who offer strength to me regardless.

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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