Single Saturday (April 22nd, 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

BabyTron – Euphoria

A lot of Babytron’s production sees him going over sample heavy 80s production but on “Euphoria,” Babytron gets back in touch with the more contemporary side of the Michigan scene. While he usually bars about scamming can still be heard, his bars about he manages to lace it with lyrics about keeping it real & how success will follow with it.

Happy what my life came to, stayed a hunnid you should never let life change you

G Herbo – Locked In

Money. Money is on G Herbo’s mind on “Locked In,” managing to provide a whole rhyme scene for that over the 808 Mafia produced track. Once he leaves that rhyme scheme it goes off into the the crazy & energetic delivery Herbo’s become a name for. Pairing with a heavenly sample, Herbo’s direct contrast from it with his bars make this track worth every second.

Prince Dreda – No Handguns 

Coming from Sacramento, Prince Dreda proves you don’t need a hook to make a banger. Talking his shit, Dreda speaks on how he’ll come at anyone that messes with his path to success. Production being handled by SparkyMadeItSlap, the duo creates a west coast banger.

Tan DaGod – Press Sh*t

Knowing how oblivious men can be, Tan DaGod keeps low to make her way to success. Money never slips from her grasp, as on her new song “Press Sh*t” she describes how nothing in her life is fun & games. Focused all on bars on this track, the hook doesn’t land until the end, allowing her to flesh out all her bars.

Tee Grizzley – G7

Tee Grizzley has truly become something an OG in the now burgeoning Michigan scene. On his new album Half Tee Half Beast, he has not missed a step. On highlight from the album “G7” is a perfect showcase of this, with countless quotes delivered ruthlessly.

I got white people working for me in honor of the slaves

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