Single Saturday (April 2nd 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

BandGang Masoe – QB 1

Dropping a new album, Masoe’s packs a short but all killer no filler album. Not only does it have the highlight of “Top of the Key,” he also dropped the song “QB 1.” Showing love for Bandgang & ShredGang yet also dissing Baby Smoove, Masoe delivers bars like its nothing. Ripping right through the bouncy beat, he proves how he’s running shit.

Lil Mouse – Hope

Been at it since a literal child, Lil Mouse is still dropping heat. On “Hope”, he keeps true to the drill that made Chicago a force to be reckoned with. While his contemporaries are still making huge moves, Lil Durk in particular, Lil Mouse continues to prove he’s worth your time.

TTS Tana x Kay EBK – What’s The Move

NY Drill still keeps it moving. TTS Tana sounds better than ever off of the usual sample drill, riding the beat as aggressive as possible. That’s not to take away from Kay EBK however, who lays out plenty of unique drill bars.

Siggie Sev – What’s Stacking

A small vocal line hangs in the background as Siggie Sev proves that everything he does is real. The bare production lets Siggie shine as he loads his track up with plenty of drill bars. As he states in the song, he may be rapping now but he’s about what he raps.

Mado Valentino – Bright Lights

Over a smooth & low-key west coast instrumental, Mado Valentino drops a sex driven banger. Talking about how he treats his woman, he speaks on how he wants to take the woman into his high-class life. Showing his love & compassion in every bar, he showcases his lighter side to make a smooth listen.

392 Lil Head x Big Jungle – Futurama

392 Lil Head just dropped a whole album that proved him to be a king of the one-liners, but he’s not stopping there. Pairing with Big Jungle, they flex anything & everything possible. Everything from their guns, rapping abilities, their women, they flex all of it to let the world know.

30 Wayz – Membership

Starting off his song with plenty of internals, 30 Wayz talks about his experience with street life. Not even leaving a hook to break up his killer verse, he delivers a breath-taking song. Showcasing how he made it to his status within the streets, 30 wastes no time letting everyone know how he did it.

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