Single Saturday (April 9th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

Young Slo-Be – Ouwee (ft. DaBoii)

Young Slo-Be has been on an absolute tear over the past year, and his recent singles see him truly honing in on his style. Linking up with the SOB X RBE member DaBoii, the two make a genuine west coast banger. DaBoii’s drawn out delivery of bars against Young Slo-Be’s low toned execution make for an amazing combination.

Pengz – Free Chaotic (ft. 6ixBuzz)

Coming from Toronto, Pengz drops one his best songs yet. Fully embracing his accent allows him to hit completely different pockets that can be fully showcased on this track. Speaking on his opps & trapping skills, Pengz flexes his newfound lifestyle.

Key Glock – Grammys

One of the best from Memphis has had an extremely hectic year. Despite it all, he continues his music grind with the deluxe to his most recent album. Looking back at who he is in his life, from the family to the trap, he appreciates it all but keeps it real all the way to the end.

(OTF) THF Zoo x Boss Top – Big Boss

OTF could possibly be one of the most underrated rap groups in the current scene, even though they have had multiple albums. To prove this, two of the members link up for a new single. THF Zoo flies into the track effortlessly, with Boss Top backing up with his own relentless drill flow.

Wrld Tour Mafia – This It Right Here

All the members of Wrld Tour Mafia link up to create another Detroit banger. Their low-key grind has already warranted them features from modern legends like Babyface Ray, and this track helps prove why they are worth their salt. Plenty of bars especially towards the end of the track with one of the eeriest beats possible highlight their unique flows.

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