Single Saturday (February 12th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

SportVVS – Watch Out

Fans of Uzi & UnoTheActivist should tap into this. His flow may not be as wild as those, but his slower paced flow makes his bars stand out. On “Watch Out,” he creates a banger that’s just as hype as his contemporaries. One of the most memorable hooks in awhile, he flexes on his haters while trying to take his girl up to the top with him. Knowing his current lifestyle, he can’t look back for too long.

Tony Shhnow – Check Da Score (Road Runnin’)

Who knows how Tony does it. His music never feels like he’s rehashing an idea, always providing something fresh. On “Check Da Score,” he raps his hustling bars over a beat that could’ve come out of early 00s ATL rap. The streak he’s been on should not be ignored.

Edot Baby – GEEK

With the recent talk of NY trying to ban drill music, its a blow that doesn’t fix or help the current underlying issues that brought the music to the forefront in the first place. Instead of trying to fix the actual problem, we see political powers trying to suppress the voices of the people. With that being said, Edot Baby has been one of the best in the recent month. His track “Friday” was an amazing flip of a Kanye track, but “GEEK” takes a classic sample with the iconic drill basslines with Edot spazzing with electrifying energy.

Justin Rarri – YKMB / #FREELEEZY

In an autotune focused track, Justin Rarri makes another drill banger with a luxurious sample flip. If that wasn’t enough for the listeners, the song gets a beat switch that takes it to another currently popular sample. The first song might be on the light side, but the switch brings us to a darker side that knows that death is at every corner. Both could be songs on their own, but together they paint a picture of his lifestyle in full.

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