Single Saturday (February 19th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

Pasto Flocco – Wizard

A song that comes & goes in a flash, Pasto Flacco delivers “Wizard.” With a drill style drum pattern, bells ring throughout the track giving the feel of older plugg beats. Pasto Flacco raps in this tireless autotune flow that goes just as fast as the beat itself. He’s determined to make it, and leave anyone not on the wave to fall behind.


Over seven years have passed since the death of ASAP YAMS, and Z Money dedicates a track to one of the first people to put him on. He also gives respects to Young Dolph in the track. No matter the deaths of others around him, he’s driven to take any chances that come along. Having been close some of the hardest hustlers in the game, he gives us a song that continues that legacy.

iayze – 556 [Green Tip]

While his EPs & albums dive into his influences of the likes of Lil Uzi & Trippie, songs like “556” bring iayze’s sound back home. Tapping into the Texas drill style sound, he delivers some of his hardest bars over a sparse beat. He knows what its like to have nothing, so any posers will get tested. With an iconic video to match, its a song that shouldn’t be skipped.

Nas Blixky – PG-16

Having survived a recent shooting, Nas Blixky drops a response to Yus Gz. Remixing the Yus track “PG-13,” its a massive comeback sounding like he never missed a step. His talent shines on the track, with one of the tightest flows he’s had on a song yet. Previewing another track at the end of the song, this is only the start of his run.


Sampling the Kanye song “Everything We Need,” REALYUNGPHIL flips it into a drill song. Coming from Connecticut, he makes it known that the world is his oyster. Its incredibly addictive, as he rides the bouncy beat effortlessly.

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