Single Saturday (February 5th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

ShredGang Mone – Rip the Dirtiest (ft. Tye Henney & Earl Swavey)

Trading bars like its nothing, ShredGang Mone teams with Tye Henney & Earl Swavey to bring another banger. Finding countless pockets throghout the track, they all bring a unique flow to each of their verses.

Kyle Richh – Beam

Proving there’s countless samples to flip, Kyle Richh drops another addition to sample drill. Talking his life & never turning his back on the streets, he sends disses at his opps in this infectious track.

Khii Loso – Dismissed

Showing that regular drill cuts still hold their weight, Khii Loso drops “Dismissed.” This fast paced track has him speeding up his flow & going off as fast as possible.


Easily his best track in a minute, THOUXANBANFAUNI continues his grind. With a beat behind him that feels ethereal, he puts everything to the side to focus on his money. An Evil Empire tag drops to throwback to the gold age of mixtapes & puts him with the greats that kept that same grinding mindset.


Tony Shhnow’s drops have been unreasonable. With another song where he teams up with BOOFPAXKMOOKY, he talks his grind & how he’s been determined to bring everyone up with him. Despite finding success. the duo still need to stay cautious of the fakes that lurk.

Project Poppa – Outside

Talking just how unglamorous the street life can be, Project Poppa talks what he has to do just to make it by every day. Detailing just how destructive this life can be, he tells his tale.

Huey V – After The Deal

Coming from Milwaukee, Huey V shows love for his city. Singing throughout the track, his emotive voice hits to the core as he recalls his past. A sax ringing throughout the track adds to grand feeling he brings in his raps.

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