Single Saturday (January 15th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

DaBoii – Bananas

Member of SOB dropped one of the better albums of 2021 with his album House Arrest. As the trend of love for that 2000s era production continues, we see DaBoii doing a flip of Gwen Stefani’s hit “Bananas.” He brings a Bay Area flair to the track, making a new classic. The beat feels made for him, so hopefully he brings more of this style in the future.

BabyTron – Prince Of The Mitten

Shitty Boyz member has been on an absolute tear. His newest album Bin Reaper 2, along with an appearance on the Kenny Beats show The Cave, has brought him a new audience. While its lyrically a typical scam rap affair for Babytron, this song features him going over an godly amount of beats. Going over about twenty different beats in just four minutes, Babytron never misses a step.

Band$ – ZEUS

Going over a minimalist Bay Area style beat, Band$ rips through the beat. His whispered adlibs adds to the eerie feel of the track, as he raps about his life filled with trauma. Despite that, he flexes his skills & realness comparing himself to Zeus. The track is packed with quotables too:

If I nut on your face that’s an autograph

Tony Shhnow – Used To

Never being afraid to switch up his style, Tony moves from his style on Kill Streak 2 back to his plugg style. Never missing a beat, Tony packs out this song with plenty of bars. The song sounds luxurious with the sample playing throughout it, as he flows effortlessly on it. He proves to be a chameleon in the best way, adapting to anything thrown his way.

TheBigHomie – Ima Slide

As the bells ring throughout the track, TheBigHomie threatens all his opps. He describes all the ways he’ll get at them, by any means possible. Embracing his street life, he crafts one of the best bangers of the year.

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