Single Saturday (January 22th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

BandGang Biggs – Green Money

Detroit seems determined to take over hip hop, and BandGang Biggs is right there for the ride. The instrumental appears as if it is a typical Detroit bounce, but halfway through the sample warps & intensifies. Biggs doesn’t miss the mark either, flexing on everyone including his own father. He talks real money throughout the track, not the piggy bank money.

Tony Shhnow – Custom Made

Tony Shhnow continues his grind on “Custom Made.” Produced by Cashcache, Tony dips into the flow that he perfected years ago to provide another banger. Never being afraid to change styles, this song seems him on some plugg production. Cashcache production is ethereal with spacy synths that ring through the track.

Armani Depaul x Young Slo-Be – IDC

Produced by Armani Depaul, the two deliver a west coast banger. Young Slo-Be’s previous year had been prolific with multiple releases, and this year seems to be no exception. With Armani having just dropped a new album, the world seems to be his oyster.

Khujo Goodie – Boy Stop

One fourth of the legendary group Goodie Mob delivers a solo single. The song solidify his status as a legend, checking other MCs & their abilities. He’s able to give a whole geography legend on Atlanta simultaneously. Showing love to all the people that put him on too, he’s humble & protective of his hometown that brought him so much.

ThatboyZ – Let Me Know Freestyle

Dropping a freestyle, we see ThatboyZ talking his talk. He checks anyone that ever doubted him, and that the lifestyle he took wasn’t for the faint of heart. Every moment a split decision, he has no time for the fakes.

Ralfy The Plug – Be Me Too

Even with Drakeo gone, his brother Ralfy continues to grind as hard as ever. He knows that everyone wants to be him, and he gives a banger named after it. He gives his RIPs to Nipsey, Drakeo & Ketchy, knowing how weird LA can be.

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