Single Saturday (January 8th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

Rich Nunu – Proud of Me

On this NY drill cut, Rich Nunu goes after all of his haters that aren’t impressed with his rise. He goes over his legal troubles and how he never folded. He wraps up the track by showcasing his singing abilities, but it’s the way that the track is introduced that makes it memorable. His grim lyrics paired with the light synth create this haunting feeling, yet still a banger grounded by the heavy bass.

DeeBaby – Havin’ Yo Way

Texas native DeeBaby creates a melodic trap banger, showing off his newfound success. He goes over what he had to do to get to feeling free, all-over a string heavy instrumental to give a grand feel. His hook is incredibly catchy, playing with the delivery of it. The final verse shows him in his most reflective state, one dealing with all the pressure & pain he’s felt over the years.

Trae The Truth – Concussions

Trae raps over a classic chopped & screwed sample that had been flipped into a trap banger. His low voice sees him delivering a fast double time voice. He manages to deliver two whole verses in under two minutes. With many years under his belt, he stays one of the most consistent in the game to this day.

Frenchie – Balanced (Rod Wave “By Your Side” Remix)

One of the original members of 1017, Frenchie returns to remix a Rod Wave song. An unexpected style from him, he delivers an emotional performance about seeing his children. His sacrifice for personal life to the grind is detailed in full on this song, even dealing with the loss of his father. Despite it all, he just wants to make things right.

OneShotAce – MR. FIRE (ft. Sheff G)

While it might not be a drill beat, Sheff G comes out strong on this Memphis style instrumental. Sheff G provides a hook, and both him and OneShotAce have killer verses. Even though Sheff may currently be in jail, the quality of his features that have been releasing are high. Once he is released, there’s no doubt he’ll make a strong return.

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