Single Saturday (March 12th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

ItsOmarii – EXCHANGE

Over a beat that feels completely lush & ambient, ItsOmarii details his rockstar lifestyle in the modern age. Underneath autotuned waves his emotive voice shines through with a singular verse. While the track could be a little more fleshed out, you’d be hard pressed to find something as gratifying as this listen.

Devour – Phases

Over a west coast beat & his own breathy backing vocals, Devour recounts his struggles he had to go through to get to his status. Fighting for the same woman that brought his life together, his focus on his own mom is admirable. No matter where he goes, his group never changes because of them being supportive from the beginning. His family for his whole family keeps him going, and will continue to hold him up.

Ralfy The Plug – Prodigy

Hard at work as usual, Ralfy has been on a slew of singles on top of the albums he’s dropped. On this ThankYouFizzle produced track, Ralfy describes his free roaming life with clever as ever wordplay. Back with the vocal sampled beat, his trademark flow creates one of the most hypnotic vibes, while still focused on his bars. Between this & his completely new sound on iHeartRalfy, he seems to have entered a new era of his rap career.

Sauce Walka x Peso Peso x Lil Sauce White – Benihana Taco Sauce

With the whole TSF family hard at work seemingly 24/7, the head of the label returns to drop some more heat. This time teaming up with Peso Peso & Japanese rapper Lil Sauce White, the three of them bring their A-Game to the track. This track proves the versatility of the entire labels flows, with no one sounding quite a like. Once again, the label proves to be one of the best working today.

Doggystyleeee – Strong Not The Weak

While it may have just dropped in the past week, Doggystyleeee sounds straight out of the 90s on “Strong Not The Weak.” So much knowledge packs out the track, describing how to live to the fullest in life but also to careful in the world around you. His balancing act on the track is incredible, being perfectly aggressive on the verses yet beautifully melodic on the hook. Playing with his flow throughout the run time, he crafts one of the best songs of he year so far.

Saviii 3rd – Phone Call To Heaven

While the majority of his tracks are usually hard, “Phone Call To Heaven” wears his heart on his sleeve. Making the track in memory of his own mom, he sends his thoughts to his lost ones. The pain & struggle is felt on the song, sounding unlike anything else in his discography. Anyone that had lost others can feel the pain & share similar wishes that he has.

MGM Flash – Takeoff

It may be just one verse, MGM Flash drops some his hardest bars. Production feels like something from a movie score, which is elevated by his stream of conscious style flow. As usual, plenty of talent comes from the west.

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