Single Saturday (March 26th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

Shoebox Baby ft. B-Lovee – Chi-York

While B-Lovee has been reaching new heights of stardom with his work with A Boogie, he still found time to link back with Chicago. Tapping into the city that originated Drill, he hops on Shoebox Baby’s song that uses a modern style NY Drill beat. Shoebox’s bars are ruthless & occasionally drops into this aggressive flow, which matches B-Lovee’s style perfectly.

917 Rackz – What NYC Sounds Like 

917 Rackz has been on a slew of singles, and on this one he takes a stab on every beat possible. Just as Babytron did on “Prince of the Mitten,” 917 Rackz goes at all the beats that made NY Drill what it is today. Putting his own spin on every beat shows just how versatile all of these beats were, being able to fit any Drill rappers style.

Rob49 ft. Lil Baby – Vulture Island V2

Three months after the original track’s release, Lil Baby provides a verse to the already hyped track “Vulture Island.” Filled out with some of the most outrageous ad-libs possible, the two of their verses are outstanding. Lil Baby as usual drops an impressive feature that works fantastic against Rob49’s intense flexes.


Damn, I kinda like the beat

Easily the most absurd beat here, the duo of Grindhard E & Driveway Baby link up to pack it out with countless one liners. Endlessly funny yet plenty of scamming & drug dealing bars make this track one of the most interesting listens here. Every time the track seems to slow down, it ramps right back up with Grindhard E’s energy being off the charts.

24Lik – Lik Flow 3

Even though a good amount of 24Lik’s work has been with 392 Lil Head, he’s good enough to hold his own. On the third in his series, “Lik Flow 3” sees him on a fairly simplistic beat but his bars are anything but. Bar after bar is an onslaught of hustling & flexing, with people of unsavory people abound. Throughout it all, 24Lik sounds untouchable.

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