Single Saturday (March 5th 2022)

Here we’ll recap some singles you have may missed during the week.

Rocko Ballin – WATCHASAY

Rocko Ballin follows up his previous single with another, going over the now classic sample from Jason Derulo. As usual, he brings us a drill remix of the track that feels perfectly fitted for his style of singing. With the new run of tracks he’s been on, we’ll remain hopeful that a new album is around the corner. For now though, his talent killing these singles have been amazing to follow.

Nuuch – Letter 2 Kev

Dropping a heartbreaking RIP track, Nuuch recalls his best memories of a lost homie. Dreams of making millions & grinding together being broken, replaying old tracks that hold those memories, are detailed throughout the track. Its saddening, but it the memory lives on, especially in the form of this fantastic track.

Voochie P – Life of A Drippa

While his flow is usually in a much higher pitch, he approaches this track from a more regular style voice. This works to his favor, as it makes for an extremely replayable track that fits right in with the rest of the TSF catalogue. In this new found style, his wordplay gets to shine, more than usual that is. He delivers the bars in a breakneck pace playing off the talk of pushing P.

917 Rackz – Anxiety

A gritty voice that fits right in with the rest of the NY Drill scene, Rackz’s details his own anxieties along with plenty of Drill bars. The beat has a sample that vocalizes throughout the track that contrasts perfectly against his own stylings. His fears lying somewhere between street life & women are documented within the track, all made into a catchy tune.

Rich Nunu – No Feelings Attached

Taking the Clean Bandit hit, Rich Nunu drops a drill remix to it. Wanting no feelings to attached to the women around him, his life is found within the streets. A life like this isn’t for the faint of heart, not many can do what he does. All this packed into this track makes for a firey performance.

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