Small Professor is Releasing the Instrumentals to Vic Spencer’s Album “Mudslide” Feb. 10th

Both incredibly prolific individually, Small Professor brings more life back into his Vic Spencer collab with an instrumental version. Releasing February 10th, the collab was just one of many albums they both released within 2022.

Taken from Bandcamp:

Small Professor returns to his 2022 released collab LP, Mudslide with emcee Vic Spencer, to share the gritty, neck-breaking instrumental version of the album. With every project he releases, the Philly producer pushes the boundaries of his own skill set as well as the bigger world of boom-bap. His more progressive approach to the sound does just as much for his own deep, varied discography as it does for the genre.

Mudslide represents a step forward and into left-field for sample-based production, and it’s exactly where Small Professor has proven himself time and time again. He’s at home messing with expectations, whether that’s dipping into more chilling and thunderous soundscapes on “Pitfall Music” or embracing his sense of humor on “Lil Jon’s Weed Stash.” That’s not even mentioning the intricacies of “Selfcare Welfare” and speaker destruction of “Ew McNasty’s Revenge.”

There was already so much to love about Mudslide on the original release, and this instrumental version serves to highlight just how special that project is for Small Pro especially. The instrumental album becomes available on Feb 10 via Coalmine Records.

The tracklist is as follows:

    1. Man in the Zone Radio (Intro) Instrumental
    2. Pitfall Music (feat. Flee Lord & DJ Revolution) Instrumental
    3. Lil Jon’s Weed Stash (Instrumental)
    4. WAVEZ, micro (Instrumental)
    5. Ew McNasty’s Revenge (Instrumental)
    6. That Gas (Interlude)
    7. Selfcare (Instrumental)
    8. Cherry Red Elephant (feat. Stevie Crooks) Instrumental
    9. Disobey Your Thirst (Instrumental)
    10. Pitfall Music (Reprise) feat. Flee Lord & Recognize Ali (Instrumental)

    Pre-order Mudslide (Instrumentals) on Bandcamp

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