Snoop Dogg – Snoop Dogg Presents Death Row Summer 2022 (Review)

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Snoop Dogg’s late career business mogul arc will more than likely be looked back at as a stain on a legendary career. All his rest releases feel like sloppily put together compilations, which he has no mind doing since becoming the head of Death Row & greedily pulling those releases off of streaming services. Seeing all those older classics as the works we want, he sees them as fast cash via NFTs. While Snoop has always been a business focused rapper, this is the same man that has a TV show with Martha Stewart after all, his current business moves have become egregious.

Being marketed as a Snoop Dogg Presents, Snoop lightly guides the project dropping the occasional verse. While it is nice to see a new feature from Tha Dogg Pound, the majority of the album runs into the RnB or Reggae genre. Unfortunately, none of the tracks here are here to stick. Every track feels fleeting, here & gone. It is an accurate description of background music, not bad enough to bother you but never anything that jumps out.

Snoop Dogg – Keep on Ridin’ (ft. Tha Dogg Pound & Butch Cassidy)

None of the artists he deciedes to put on his records feel memorable, they are all run of the mill singers. October London has far from a bad voice, but she is nothing special either. 84faces makes their debut on this album, and while the song is pleasantly produced, the singer on the track is boring. Not nearly as boring as the rapper that’s tacked on to the track though.

One is to wonder, is this the purpose of Death Row now? Snoop’s acquisition was a massive deal, as it felt like it could’ve seen a true resurrection under Snoop. Instead what we got was him putting the best releases behind a paywall, and dumping entire artists catalogues in the form of these compilations. To treat the record label that has brought so many classics as a cash cow feels wrong in every way.

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