Soulja Boy – Big Draco 2 (Review)

Clout demon Soulja Boy continues his reign of terror.

Soulja Boy is someone that has always maintained relevancy. A question that gets asked all the time is how, and the answer is simple really. Chase trends, be personal, troll. Soulja IG lives and Twitch streams invite you directly into his world, following trends keeps your sound modern, and trolling results in some goofs.

However, with the surprise release of Big Draco 2 he did it off the back of Young Dolph’s death. When trying to troll Kanye didn’t work out fully in his favor, another controversy stirred about Soulja being the supposedly killer of Dolph. To capitalize, he feed directly into the narrative and released this album. While Soulja has always been sleezy, this feels to be the most disrespectful move yet. As statement that has rung true for years goes, don’t feed the trolls.

Now you may be wondering, what about the music? Well that’s the thing, there’s nothing of note here. Even as a avid follower of his work, and can usually find some light in the black hole of discography, there’s genuinely nothing here. No Looking Back showed him adapting some hyper trap sounds. Swag 4 is a copy of flows brought by rappers like Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

Big Draco 2? This one has nothing to note. Its the same tired trap flows that have been done to death. Soulja’s production is nothing of note either, there’s no hit potential that he seems to have been getting recently with tracks like “She Make It Clap.” While he seems to be getting a lot of mileage out of type beats on recent releases, he doesn’t pick any interesting in the slightest on this release.

The album cycle for Soulja usually amounts in little to no fan fare. The last time he had a big album cycle might have been his appearance on The Breakfast Club trolling Drake, or possibly the collab album with Bow Wow. At least these are usually done in a lighthearted way, Soulja may be appearing dead serious but there’s no harm in these trolls. Even the failed troll against Kanye wouldn’t mean anything, a bunch of random shots via Twitter would ultimately not mean anything to the larger than life figure.

However this one has been harmful, his actions completely distract from the case at hand. While this time should’ve been time for people keep level headed and hope for peace for Dolph, Soulja fanned the flames turning everything into a shameful conspiracy. All this for the minimal streams his new album will receive. A piece of advice, if you’re going to capitalize off of a tragedy, at least make it listenable.

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