SSGKobe – RELAPSED (Review)

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Another member of SlayWorld, SSGKobe’s newest release has shown him maintaining steady growth as an artist. While his solo work is a little bit different than his collaborative work with fellow SlayWorld member Kankan, his music finds a blend between melodic trap & rage music. His music doesn’t get hard like his performance on Kankan’s song “Wicked,” but instead dives into more emotional performances. This style differing from the other members of the group let him stand on his own, offering a style that Kankan or Summrs just could never fill.

Every song here feels cinematic yet still fits the pre-established sound of the group. The opener “Hershey” sound is grand yet just as wild as Yeat’s music. As he feels lost in his current status, he loses himself in copious drugs & reckless lifestyle choices as detailed by the lyrics. SSGKobe’s singing style does an incredible job at masking his lyrics, as his voice itself is showstopping.

SSGKobe – Hershey

Tracks like “Getcha” feel closer to his work with Kankan but still with its own edge to it. These orchestral violins that play throughout are something that can not be found in his contemporaries’ work. He is willing to toy with his own vocal delivery here too, proving he is not a one-trick pony. This track shows SSGKobe in a much more aggressive style, fitting his lyrics that talk about guns & how to not mess with him or his crew.

The whole tape shows him playing with his own style but never straying too far away into something unrecognizable. This all builds until the final track “Ok, What R U Saying,” where he finally comes back to that true SlayWorld sound. This desire to build on pre-existing sounds instead of rehashing the same songs over & over make him easily one of the most exciting members of the group. As his profile only seems to be slowly building, this seems to only be the beginning for him. This EP, despite its density, is clearly only a teaser of something bigger in the works.

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