Substance810 & Observe since ’98 New Album Titled “The Lions Share 2: Gold Shillings” Releasing June 23rd

One of multiple projects Observe since ’98 has produced this year, he teams back up with Substance810 for another 2023 release. Following up their album in April, this one will be titled The Lions Share 2: Gold Shillings. Features on this release will include Josiah the Gift, DJ Grazzhoppa, P.U.R.E. and Jamil Honesty.

From the Bandcamp description:

Following up from the highly revered first album ‘The Lion’s Share’ comes the second installment from SUBSTANCE810 and Observe Since 98. ‘The Lion’s Share 2: Gold Shillings’ continues to explore the more soulful, sample based production to create a unique and inspired audio canvas, to house the verbal artistry delivered behind the mic. The feeling within this album is palpable as the listener is taken on a beautiful musical journey, traversing the undulating audio landscape with sublime street poetry.

The chemistry between Observe and Substance is a beautiful synergy, experienced upon listening to the first album, and then built upon with this second record within the series. Over 8 months of collaboration has taken place to deliver this artistry, but it feels like these two have been working together for decades, such is the authenticity of the final product. The Lion’s Share 2 continues to build upon ‘that soul sound’, but takes us even deeper into the dusty crates to uncover some gems. It’s like audio archaeology when Observe is on the boards.

The Lion’s Share 2: Gold Shillings will entertain the most casual listener, and really fill the cerebral of those hardened hip hop heads who require lyricism and storytelling that makes them ‘feel’ something. Featuring Jamil Honesty, P.U.R.E, Swab and fellow Umbrella Collective comrade Josiah The Gift, this album is sure to be a gem in your collection.

-Brutus Maximus (Raw Side Hip Hop)

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Gold on the Scale (Intro)
  2. 1000 Gold Shillings
  3. Dividends
  4. Make a Deposit feat. Josiah the Gift
  5. Installments feat. DJ Grazzhoppa
  6. Denominations
  7. Bank Vault feat. P.U.R.E.
  8. Currency Xchange Skit
  9. Money 2 Burn feat. DJ Grazzhoppa
  10. Stocks Will Rise feat. Jamil Honesty
  11. Capital Gains (Outro)
  12. Send My Love (Bonus)
  13. Risk & Reward ft. Swab (Bonus)

Pre-Order on Bandcamp

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