Substantial New Album “Adultish” Releasing July 14th

Substantial’s fifth studio album will release in 2023. Titled Adultish, it will release on July 14th. With a deluxe releasing the same day, the album will see features from the likes of Shing02, Mega Ran, Tonedeff, and more. Tonedeff will also be handling the mixing & mastering of the album.

The tracklist is as follows for the deluxe edition:

  1. Reed Richards
  2. Crutch (Cool It Now) ft. Matthew Shell
  3. The Beautiful Dichotomy (Interlude) ft. Marvelous Jones
  4. The Long Route ft. Tamara Wellons and DJ Jav
  5. Your Man Tho
  6. Grown Kids (Interlude) ft. Javier Starks
  7. Salt N Pepa ft. Black Root & Marcus D
  8. Play Money (Interlude)
  9. Lost Touch ft. Uyama Hiroto, Javier Starks and Shing02
  10. No Per Diem 2.0 ft. Mega Ran
  11. Acknowledgement (Interlude) ft. Tonedeff
  12. You’ve Grown ft. MLLN
  13. Ghost In A Cell ft. Stephanie Gayle and Malcolm Jackson
  14. Part of My Existence (Interlude) ft. Sherm the Barber
  15. 1580 ft. DJ RBI and T.Lucas
  16. Reed Richards – Instrumental
  17. Crutch (Cool It Now) – Instrumental ft. Matthew Shell
  18. The Long Route – Instrumental
  19. Your Man Tho – Instrumental
  20. Salt N Pepa ft. Marcus D – Instrumental
  21. Lost Touch ft. Uyama Hiroto – Instrumental
  22. No Per Diem – Instrumental
  23. You’ve Grown – Instrumental
  24. Ghost In A Cell – Instrumental ft. Malcolm Jackson
  25. 1580 – Instrumental

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