Summrs – FALLEN RAVEN (Review)

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Rage music has continued to see a rise, and the entire collective of SlayWorld seems to be at the forefront of it. One of it’s members, Summrs has continued to drop & his newest release clocks in at a near hour. While its contemporaries such as Yeat have created these projects that you can absolutely get lost within, Summrs sound is slightly more distinctive but to weaker success.

FALLEN RAVEN‘s first three songs are the genre at its weakest. Beats that have an awkward bounce, specifically the song “So Much Cheese” has a bassline that is more annoying than anything else. Summrs performance here does not add much either, his vocab is never varied resulting in the most basic raps. He can either sound like an exact clone of Yeat, or delivers a quite boring autotuned delivery that is laced with reverbed & reversed effects. While these accented moments work for someone such as Yeat that has off-kilter word set, or Izaya Tiji whose darker lyrics get to shine, Summrs doesn’t have anything on that level to offer.

However, when the project gets to shine is on tracks like “Catch a Kill.” This track in particular mixes the old school & new school, featuring the old school horns of Atlanta trap but also the more futuristic synths of Rage music. Summrs on the track may not be much to write home about, but he does match the energy of the track well.

Summrs – Catch a Kill

Easily the biggest highlight here though is “Dear Mom.” A track dedicated to his mom, Summrs pours his heart out over a light hearted PluggnB instrumental. His vocals may not be the most appealing to a more mainstream audience, but its endearing in this case. Detailing all his greatest and worst memories of his mother, its a bittersweet moment.

Funnily enough, this seems to highlight the issues with the project. As he clearly has the ability to touch on darker or more emotional topics but never taps into that side of himself. He instead opts for the most basic raps possible, which ironically wastes the incredible production that occasionally backs him. There may be a handful of highlights, but nowhere near enough to justify the nearly hour long runtime.

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