Sunz of Man Album “Da Last Future” Releases July 14th

Wu-Tang affiliate group Sunz of Man will be re-releasing their 1994 EP in 2024 as a full album. Titled Da Last Future, the album will release July 14th. The album will consist of the original tracks from the EP, vinyl exclusives and previously unofficial leaks to create a full new album.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Who Are The Sunz of Man?
  2. Devil’s Most Wanted (ft. Tray Bag)
  3. Evil Lulla Bye
  4. L.I.F.E.
  5. Falling Diamonds
  6. Valley of Kings
  7. Lyrical Renegade
  8. Mental Combat
  9. Last Future
  10. The Godfathers (ft. Tray Bag)
  11. The Valley of Death
  12. Livin in Hell
  13. G.G’s (ft. Tray Bag)
  14. Mental Combat II

Pre-Save on Bandcamp

From the Bandcamp description:

Thrilled to announce the exclusive release of the complete project from Da Last Future, an early incarnation of Sunz of Man, featuring unreleased and unheard tracks. Dive into the origins of Sunz of Man, the legendary Wu-Tang affiliate group with this rare collection.

Da Last Future was mainly Hell Razah and 7th Ambassador, and extended to Su-Preme, Killah Priest, and 60 Second Assassin, and Prodigal Sunn. Their self-released single “Livin’ in Hell” b/w “Mental Combat” marked the beginning of an iconic journey.

In 1995, Da Last Future evolved into Sunz of Man, signing with Wu-Tang/Priority Records. They dropped several singles like “Soldiers of Darkness,” “No Love Without Hate,” and “Bloody Choices,” leading up to their shelved debut Nothing New Under the Sun.

Despite setbacks, Sunz of Man signed with Red Ant Entertainment and released their official debut album, The Last Shall Be First, in 1998. The album was a massive success, peaking at No. 20 on the Billboard 200 and No. 7 on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

This album features the complete project from Da Last Future, including tracks that have only been available on vinyl or leaked unofficially. Now, for the first time, you can experience these rare gems in their entirety.

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