Ta-Ku New Album “Songs To Come Home To” Releasing September 1st

Producer Ta-Ku is releasing a new album in 2023. The album will be titled Songs To Come Home To, and will release September 1st. Features on the album will be from Thrupence, Will Paquin, rum.gold, Joekenneth, Xavier Omär, DAISY WORLD, ROMderful, Milan Ring, matt mcwaters, ?uestlove and more.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. THE END (ft. Thrupence, Will Paquin & rum.gold)
  2. HOME (Kenny’s Interlude) (ft. Joekenneth)
  3. SMILE (ft. Xavier Omär, DAISY WORLD & ROMderful)
  4. WAY OUT (ft. Milan Ring, matt mcwaters & ?uestlove)
  5. CRY (ft. Becca Hatch)
  6. INNER SOUL (ft. Chanel Loren & matt mcwaters)
  7. BETTER (ft. Jay Prince & Billy Davis)
  8. Call My Name (ft. JMSN)
  9. HARD2SAY (ft. 1300 & Sango)
  10. TWO OF US (ft. alayna)
  11. THROUGH AND FALLING (ft. matt mcwaters & kerri)
  12. WE GOT (ft. Louis Baker & REPEAT PATTERN)
  13. KNOW ME (ft. NOÉ, James Poyser & KAINA)
  14. THE SCORE (ft. Panama)
  15. LIGHTNING (ft. Wafia & Young Franco)
  16. RUNAWAY (ft. RINI & Touch Sensitive)
  17. DAWN (ft. NOE, Cabu & TRŪ SAALI)
  18. HOPES & DREAMS (ft. Hopes & Dreams Club)
  20. TAKE ON ME w/ NOÉ (Bonus Cover)

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