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WTM Daemoney New Album “Slae Season 3” is Releasing February 10th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Announced through his Instagram, Wrld Tour Mafia member Daemoney is releasing a new album. Dropping February 10th, the Detroit Trap rapper’s album will be titled Slae Season 3….

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Favorite Albums of December 2022

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere As the year comes to a close, there are always albums to highlight in the given month. December being no different, we’ll go over a couple of our…

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Sauce Walka 2022 Recap Playlist

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Sauce Walka’s 2021 was filled with albums, exploring different sub genres with each release. During his 2022 run he was much more lowkey, but still filled with just…

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The 2022 Hip-Hop Album of the Year – Scott

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Hip hop is never an uneventful genre, but 2022 blew expectations away. Multiple long awaited releases, as well as some surprises, we saw so many artists drop what…

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Babyface Ray 2022 Recap Playlist

Detroit rap constantly feels on the verge of taking over the world, but none seem to push it further than Babyface Ray. Layering his songs with deep levels of introspection,…

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Lucki & Babyface Ray Are The Next Duo to Look Out For

I’ve been thinking about changing the culture With a handful amount of collaborations under their belt, the duo has proven to be some of the best out right now. Blending…

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Lucki – Flawless Like Me (Review)

On the long-awaited debut, Lucki brings his most ambitious work to date. Spanning twenty-four tracks & nearly an hour, Lucki puts everything on the line with this release. Speaking on…

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Warhol.SS – 3PEAT EP (Review)

Warhol.SS is a name that alludes most. Somehow still underground despite so many years within the scene & plenty of cosigns, he continues to grow with each new release. This…

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Jay-Z 2022 Tidal Playlist

As pointed out in a recent Twitter thread, Jay-Z’s listening tastes are far from lyrical purism. As seen in his Tidal playlist for 2022, he shares love for the rappers…