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Babytron – Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament (Review)

With seemingly every release, Babytron makes an improvement to his sound that was previously absent. Luka Troncic explored the Hi-NRG sounds of the 80s, Bin Reaper 2 is a pop…

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Tee Grizzley – Chapters of the Trenches (Review)

While Tee Grizzley burst into the mainstream with 2018’s Activated, he has seemingly been surpassed in recent years by other members of Detroit trap scene. Starting out, Grizz made a…

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Lucki & Babyface Ray Are The Next Duo to Look Out For

I’ve been thinking about changing the culture With a handful amount of collaborations under their belt, the duo has proven to be some of the best out right now. Blending…

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Lucki – Flawless Like Me (Review)

On the long-awaited debut, Lucki brings his most ambitious work to date. Spanning twenty-four tracks & nearly an hour, Lucki puts everything on the line with this release. Speaking on…

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Peezy – Only Built 4 Diamond Links (Review)

Follow Anywhere the Dope Go on Twitter A member of Detroit’s Team Eastside, he’s been active since the early 2010s. Here you can feel it, his vocal tone is subdued….

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Warhol.SS – 3PEAT EP (Review)

Warhol.SS is a name that alludes most. Somehow still underground despite so many years within the scene & plenty of cosigns, he continues to grow with each new release. This…

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Eminem – Curtain Call 2 (Review)

This is not a greatest hits album. Despite sharing namesake with the original album, this newest compilation from Eminem serves as a revisionist history of his own career. While the…

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BandGang Lonnie Bands – Scorpion Eyes (Review)

While there work ethic of the Michigan Trap scene seems never ending, few are making albums with a heavy sense of introspection. BandGang Lonnie Bands’ enters those ranks with his…

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Icewear Vezzo – Rich Off Pints 3 (Review)

While he has a deep discog and a long history with Detroit’s Team Eastside, Icewear Vezzo has been on a a special run just over the last couple years. Between…

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Ta-Ku – 50 Days For Dilla Vol. 2 (10 Year Anniversary)

J. Dilla’s influence amongst beatmakers has remained strong for decades. His influence in modern works can be found in everything, whether that be in the lo-fi scene or unique sample…

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Ace Cino & Kitchen Qleen – Mafia Kitchen (Review)

Can someone please stop Ace Cino? Despite the burgeoning Michigan scene, Ace Cino has failed to improve. While him being self-produced is admirable, it never results in something greater. His…

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Quelle Chris – Deathfame (Review)

Follow Anywhere the Dope Go on Twitter Championed in recent years as a king of the underground, Quelle Chris finds himself lamenting the simultaneous fame and lack of recognition. On…