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Ransom New EP “Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child” Releasing September 15th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere New Jersey rapper Ransom will be releasing a new EP in 2023. Titled Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child, the EP will release September 15th. Features on the…

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Da$H New Album “SkrewFace 2” Releasing September 1st

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere New Jersey rapper Da$H will be releasing a new album in 2023. Titled SkrewFace 2, it will be releasing September 1st. Features on the album include Zelooperz &…

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Ransom & Nicholas Craven New EP “Deleted Scenes 2” Releasing July 28th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere New Jersey rapper Ransom teams back up with Canadian producer Nicholas Craven to give some extra material. Releasing July 28th, the EP will be called Deleted Scenes 2….

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Chino XL & Stu Bangas New Album “God’s Carpenter” Releasing July 7th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Born in New Jersey, Chino XL will be releasing a new album. Teaming up with producer Stu Bangas, the album will be titled God’s Carpenter. Releasing July 7th,…

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General Jihad & Shaka Amazulu The 7th New Album “Jihad By The Sword (Jihad Bis Saif)” Releasing July 19th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere His third album of 2023, General Jihad will team back up with Shaka Amazulu The 7th. Titled Jihad By The Sword (Jihad Bis Saif), the album will release…

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New Ghais Guevara Album Titled “Goyard Comin’: Exordium” Releasing June 2nd

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Experimental rapper Ghais Guevara will be releasing a new album for 2023. This release will be under the name of Goyard Ibn Said, and it will be titled…

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CRIMEAPPLE New Album “YDFWC?3” Releasing April 28th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere New Jersey rapper returns for his second release of 2023. The new release will be titled YDFWC?3. Dropping April 28th, the albums lone feature will be from rapper…

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An Introduction to: FL3A

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere With only a single EP to his name, FL3A already has a sound unlike anyone else. The New Jersey rapper music isn’t like anything you’d expect, dropping wildly…

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CRIMEAPPLE New Album “El cantante” is Releasing January 27th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere New Jersey rapper CRIMEAPPLE returns with another album. This one titled “El cantante,” it serves as the follow up to his EP that had just dropped in December….

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CRIMEAPPLE 2022 Recap Playlist

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere New Jersey rapper CRIMEAPPLE never slows down. With four albums & two EPs through 2022, he ran on full cylinders. Projects that explored a broad range of styles,…

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New Jersey Rappers to Stay on the Lookout For

Scenes & rappers come around every day, and seemingly no scene is as broad as what New Jersey has. Taking influences from everywhere, it has lead to a melting pot…

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Da$H – V.I.C.E.S. (Throwback Thursday Review)

While A$AP Mob was slowly moving their ways from the underground of NY to the mainstream, Da$H was there in the shadows. Carving the darker, grittier side of the Beast…