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RXKNephew New Album “Til’ I’m Dead” Releasing March 9th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere The forever enigmatic RXKNephew will be releasing another album titled Til’ I’m Dead. This release, dropping March 9th, will be another addition into his endlessly growing discography. Considering…

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Autumn! – Not Much Left! (One Year Later)

Member of the SlayWorld collective, Autumn! has had his notoriety grow immensely since the year this short EP was released. On this release, it is nearly a Summrs collab since…

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Uncovering: Canibus – Training Ops

Canibus career has been a long one of varying quality. Unfortunately, not all of his work has been available to stream on DSPs, such as his mixtapes. One such mixtape,…

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OG Bobby Billions – Holy Goat 2 (Review)

On his sophomore release, OG Bobby Billions drops a heavenly release giving a glimpse into the struggles he faced in his home town. This is immediate from the intro “Dirt…

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KoolKidKalvo – Willie Beamen (Review)

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, KoolKidKalvo is making the most hypnotic music out today. His newest release Willie Beamen can be off-putting on first listen, featuring his lazily delivered melodic flow…

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An Introduction to: Postman L

With just three albums to his name, Postman L is taking listeners to a lyrical wonderland. Originating from South Africa, he is a product of the new boom bap relativism…

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Fivio Foreign – 800 B.C. (Woo Wednesday Review)

Fivio’s follow-up EP shows slight growth but its marginal. As his notoriety grew, more eyes were directed to him for a bigger & better release. He did deliver to an…

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Overlord Scooch – Overcame Various Losses 2 (Review)

Hailing from Michigan, Overlord Scooch is part of the new wave of trap that’s coming from the scene. On his most recent release, he brings his own story to the…

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CJ – Loyalty Over Royalty (1 Year Anniversary Review)

A year after exploding on the scene & the industry scrambling to find a successor to Pop Smoke, CJ has gone ghost. His singles like “Whoopty” met plenty of criticism,…

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Soulja Boy – Big Draco 2 (Review)

Clout demon Soulja Boy continues his reign of terror. Soulja Boy is someone that has always maintained relevancy. A question that gets asked all the time is how, and the…

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Pop Smoke – Shoot for The Stars, Aim for The Moon (Woo Wednesday Review)

Pop Smoke’s death was an incredible tragedy. Just entering the beginning of his life as a young man & newly minted star, he was gunned down. In the time prior…