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DJ Muggs & Mooch New Album “Roc Star” Releasing March 29th

California producer DJ Muggs will be working with New York rapper Mooch for a new album in 2024. Titled Roc Star, the album will release March 29th. The single for…

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Futurewave New Album “McFly” Releasing January 19th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Canadian producer Futurewave will be releasing a new album in 2024. Titled McFly, the album will release January 19th for physicals. The album will release onto streaming on…

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Rigz & DJ Muggs – Gold (Review)

Follow Anywhere the Dope Go on Twitter! Check out our DJ Muggs 2021 Recap Playlist If you haven’t been tapped into Rigz and Da Cloth, now’s your chance to correct…