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E-40 New Double Album Titled “Rule of Thumb 1 & 2” Releasing July 7th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere No stranger to double albums, E-40 will be releasing a new one for 2023. Releasing July 7th, it will be titled Rule of Thumb 1 & 2. While…

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Just Bang New Album Titled “Tammy Baby” Releasing May 5th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Part of FOD ENT., rapper Just Bang will release another album for 2023. The album will be titled Tammy Baby, scheduled for release on May 5th. It will…

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Too $hort – Get In Where You Fit In (Throwback Review)

Follow Anywhere the Dope Go on Twitter Everybody wants to be a player. Everybody in hiphop thinks they’re a player, talking about the girls and the cars and the money….