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Icewear Vezzo New Album “Live From the 6” Releasing February 2nd

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo will be releasing a new album in 2024. Titled Live From the 6, the album will release February 2nd. The album’s release date &…

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CEO Trayle, Warhol.SS, and Regionalism in Modern Hip-Hop

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere It’s funny that over the last 30 plus years of hip-hop, an artist’s hometown is still equated to their subgenre. The overblown East Coast / West Coast beef…

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Yung Gleesh New Album “Cleansides Finest 4” Releasing November 24th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Washington, DC rapper Yung Gleesh will be releasing a new album in 2023. Titled Cleansides Finest 4, it will release November 24th. The album will feature a part…

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Money Man New Album “Croptober” Releasing October 27th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Atlanta rapper Money Man will be releasing another album in 2023. Titled Croptober, the album will release October 27th. The album will have features from BC Marse. The…

Hunxho New Album “For Her” Releasing October 13th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Trap rapper Hunxho will be releasing another album in 2023. Titled For Her, the album will release October 13th. Features on the album will include Michee & Dej…

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EST Gee New Album “El Toro 2” Releasing August 11th

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Louisville, Kentucky rapper EST Gee will be releasing a new album in 2023. Serving as a sequel to his debut album, the album will be titled El Toro…

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Babyface Ray New Album “Summer’s Mine” Releasing July 21st

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere Back with a new album in 2023, Babyface Ray will be dropping. Releasing on July 21st, the album is called Summer’s Mine. The tracklist has not been revealed…

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Babytron 2022 Recap Playlist

Damn near in his own subgenre of Detroit trap, Babytron’s daring ability to rap over every instrumental draws you in but his unique brand of shit talking makes you stay….

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Tee Grizzley – Chapters of the Trenches (Review)

Follow @DopeGoAnywhere While Tee Grizzley burst into the mainstream with 2018’s Activated, he has seemingly been surpassed in recent years by other members of the Detroit trap scene. Starting out,…

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Rich Homie Quan – Family & Mula (Review)

The return of Rich Homie Quan is one that has been lauded by fans of the Rich Gang duo, the final product is a lukewarm one. One half of that…

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Lucki & Babyface Ray Are The Next Duo to Look Out For

I’ve been thinking about changing the culture With a handful amount of collaborations under their belt, the duo has proven to be some of the best out right now. Blending…

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Peezy – Only Built 4 Diamond Links (Review)

Follow Anywhere the Dope Go on Twitter A member of Detroit’s Team Eastside, he’s been active since the early 2010s. Here you can feel it, his vocal tone is subdued….