Tha God Fahim & Camoflauge Monk New EP “Dark Shogunn Assassin” is releasing January 23rd

The self-proclaimed Dump Gawd is returning with another release to kick off the new year. A three track EP with Camoflauge Monk will be releasing on January 23rd, with the title Dark Shogunn Assassin. Announced through the executive producer of the project’s Twitter, the EP will have only one feature being Estee Nack.

The artwork is done by Squatdeadface & LordNMF, both of which have quite a resume. Squatdeadface had previously done work for the likes of Westside Gunn (Flygod Is an Awesome God) and Stove God Cooks (Reasonable Drought). LordNMF has done work for ANKHLEJOHN (The New Militia & Drill Scott-Heron) as well as Pounds448 (There Is No Mafia).

Already coming off the back of nine total projects in 2022 alone, Tha God Fahim continues his streak. He started the previous year off similarly with a collaborative project with Your Old Droog titled Tha Wolf on Wall St. 2: The American Dream. In February, he released a collab EP with Dus titled One Thousand and One Nights. He followed that up into March with Six Ring Champ, seeing features from Your Old Droog on the project.

Adding another EP into his series with the Canadian producer Nicholas Craven, he released Dump Gawd: Shot Clock King 3 in April. Skipping May, he dropped a short EP in June titled Dump Pharma’s Volume 2. This was followed up with another installment into his series with Mach-Hommy, seeing Dollar Menu 4 being released in August.

October winded up being his biggest month, with three projects releasing. He released another collaboration with Mach-Hommy, titled Duck Czn: Tiger Style. On the same day, he released another installment into his Dump Pharma series. Just another eleven days after, he released a collaborition with Jay NiCE titled Bloodspiller.

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