Tha God Fahim New Album “Tha Supreme Hoarder of All Pristine Wealth” Releasing October 20th

Atlanta rapper Tha God Fahim will be teaming up with Buffalo, New York Camoflauge Monk for a new full release in 2023. Titled Tha Supreme Hoarder of All Pristine Wealth, the album will release October 20th. This release will follow up their previous EP release from earlier this year, which was titled Dark Shogunn Assassin.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Tha Supreme Hoarder of all Pristine Wealth
  2. Crisis
  3. Big Money Talk
  4. The Learning
  5. While You Hear
  6. Doubloons
  7. Lone Warrior
  8. Manifestin
  9. Dry Ice
  10. Da Bottom

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