The Best Albums of 2nd Quarter 2022

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Remember, this article only covers albums which have dropped from April – June. Check out our best albums of the first quarter here

Typically, the year comes off to a slow start when it comes to frequent, high profile releases. 2022 seems to be an exception in that regard, given the slew of phenomenal projects we have already received early on. Well they just keep coming, marking 2022 as one of the best years for hiphop in recent memory. Here are some of our favorite albums to drop in the second quarter:

Honorable Mentions

#5: Pusha T, Kanye West & Pharrell Williams – It’s Almost Dry

Upping the ante from 2018’s Daytona, Pusha T links with legendary producers Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. With a more sinister sound than ever and a succinct, polished product, It’s Almost Dry lived up to the hype. Check out our full review here!

Listen to It’s Almost Dry on Spotify

#4: Robb Bank$ – Falconia

Teased, delayed, and forgotten for years, Robb Bank$ finally dropped this much anticipated project and it was truly worth the wait. A time capsule of the SoundCloud era, Falconia captures variety and energy which are unmatched in its scene today. Check out our full review here!

Listen to Falconia on Spotify

#3: Billy Woods & DJ Preservation – Aethiopes

Billy Woods continues a prolific run of utterly dense, powerful records, this time linking with DJ Preservation. Aethiopes is a searing analysis of colonization and systemic oppression throughout history, marking some of his best work to date. Check out our full review here!

Listen to Aethiopes on Spotify

#2: Lupe Fiasco – Drill Music in Zion

Lupe Fiasco once again makes his case as the greatest rapper of all time. Check out our full review here!

Listen to Drill Music in Zion on Spotify

#1: Black Star & Madlib – No Fear of Time

25 years later, the legendary Mos Def and Talib Kweli haven’t missed a beat. Fully produced by Madlib, No Fear of Time is a worthy follow up to their classic debut, an effective modernization of their themes and sounds, and one of the absolute best hiphop albums to come out in years. Check out our full review here!

Listen to No Fear of Time on Luminary

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